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If your idea of an emergency watch is a gadget with a big red button you couldn’t be more wrong. Limmex emergency watches look just like ordinary watches. However, there's more to them than meets the eye: these watches save lives. Profile of a fascinating Helvetia customer.

13 November 2017, author: Linda Zampieri, photos: Thomas Egli

CEO Heinz Rutishauser proudly holds the first model of the new generation of watches in his hand. Nothing about it tells you it's an emergency watch. Indeed, this was very much the intention, confirms Rutishauser: «Wearing an emergency watch should certainly not carry any stigma,» he tells us. Emergency watches are mainly used by older people. But Limmex customers also include other groups with a heightened need for security such as people with a physical impairment. «Our watch helps these people achieve greater mobility, independence and freedom,» he says.

A no-frills watch

The new generation of watches uses state-of-the-art technology to make this possible. Thanks to an integrated SIM card, the watch works like a mobile phone. In an emergency, the wearer is connected to a contact person or an emergency call centre simply by pressing a button. A microphone and speaker assure two-way communication. GSM, GPS and WiFi also make it possible to quickly pinpoint the device's location. «From years of experience, we know that simplicity is what is called for. So we took a conscious decision to give the watch just two functions – telling the time and making emergency calls. In an emergency, the wearer must be able to make an emergency call straight away at the touch of a button,» explains Rutishauser.

Immediate help

To be able to make emergency calls, you not only need the watch, but also a subscription – just like with a mobile phone. Customers can choose between the «Care Basic» and «Care Plus» subscriptions. The «Care Basic» option allows you to store up to five numbers of contact persons. When an emergency call is triggered, these numbers are automatically dialled in sequence until someone answers. The person contacted is also sent a text message stating the location of the caller at the time the emergency call was made. With the «Care Plus» option, three contact numbers are stored that are dialled in sequence when an alarm is triggered. If none of these contacts picks up the call, the wearer is connected directly to a professional emergency call centre, which then takes appropriate action.

All-round carefree package

If a watch stops working properly or is broken, customer service agent Patrizia Malpezzi and Product Manager Jerome Vercoutere take care of the problem. Rutishauser tells us that on more than one occasion customers have dropped off their watches in person and ideally would have preferred to have them repaired while they waited. «It does create a kind of dependence,» the CEO explains. So if a watch cannot be repaired within a day, Limmex provides an immediate replacement.

Daniel Signer, Head of Special Business Technical Insurance at Helvetia, has also noticed this dependence: «We offer Limmex an 'all-round carefree package'. For example, this means we also assume the costs incurred if a watch is lost or mislaid – a very rare occurrence given that users are heavily dependent on their watches.»

Individual insurance solution

Limmex AG has been a Helvetia customer since April 2017. Daniel Signer looks after and advises Limmex CEO Heinz Rutishauser on all insurance matters. The successful manufacturer of emergency watches has taken out an all-risk insurance policy including guarantee insurance. This covers all sudden events leading to the damage, loss or destruction of emergency watches. Costs resulting from losing or mislaying the watches are also covered.

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