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How SMEs can protect themselves against data loss

In this day and age, every SME needs a functioning IT system. Most data is stored and processed digitally. This simplifies work processes, but the loss of this data can quickly become a problem if something goes wrong. Protect your company with our measures to prevent data loss.

12 june  2019, author: Natascha Fabian, photo: Helvetia

 Three men discuss their IT infrastructure in a warehouse.
Protect your company with our measures to prevent data loss.

Case study: Every evening, an architectural company backs up all its data. One day, the system suffers a short circuit just before the office closes. Thanks to the back up process, the data from the previous day can be restored, but the work done that day is lost – all the plans drawn up for the company's customers are gone. All the data must be reconstructed, which results in significant extra costs.

Tips to protect against data loss

Protect your company with the following data loss prevention measures:

  1. Regularly back your data up on redundant storage media and check now and then to ensure that the system is working correctly. Depending on the type of company, frequent (several times a day) backups are recommended.
  2. Update the systems and software promptly every time an update becomes available.
  3. Install anti-virus software and firewalls to protect your data from theft.
  4.  Use hardware responsibly. This includes regular maintenance, for example cleaning of cooling elements and fans. Also protect data carriers from impact and heat.
  5. Protect your IT infrastructure from power surges using a voltage filter or uninterruptable power supply (UPS). 

A universal solution for your entire IT infrastructure

Even if data is backed up every day and other preventive measures put in place, situations can still arise that lead to irreversible data loss. In this instance, prompt data restoration or replacement of the affected IT equipment is important. Helvetia offers a universal solution for all your IT systems. In the event of a claim, the costs of system recovery, data reconstruction and all additional costs are covered. 

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