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Summer check: Is your SME sufficiently protected?

Whether it's a storm, fire or machinery failure, SMEs are exposed to particular risks during the warmer months. Use our summer check to ascertain whether your company is sufficiently protected and to find out what the biggest risk is in 2019.

06 June 2019, Text: Jens Wiesenhütter, Photo: Helvetia

A young woman is sitting at a table during sunset and is working on her laptop.
SMEs are exposed to particular risks during the warmer months.

Thunderstorms, flooding, gales or a simple wasp sting can be enough to damage a company. To protect your business from such risks, a range of insurance cover is necessary. In our summer check, we use summer examples to demonstrate when each type of insurance is necessary. Is your company sufficiently protected?

The risk of the year

Cyber attacks on SMEs have increased significantly in 2019. Entirely new risks are emerging as a result of networking. One such example is phreaking. This is where hackers hack into phone systems and make expensive phone calls abroad at the company's expense. At the end of the month, the company receives a phone bill amounting to several thousand Swiss francs. Thanks to the service packages of Helvetia cyber insurance, personal and third-party liability can be covered, as well as costs for legal advice and initial interventions.

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