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Theft in front of the shop – what insurance cover is there?

Businesses that engage in passing trade often have goods on display that are easily accessible to customers. Such goods are easily stolen. So what happens, for instance, if a bike is stolen from in front of a bicycle dealer's shop? Such events are referred to as «simple theft». But how is the dealer insured against this?

10 June 2018, text: Natascha Fabian, photo: Helvetia

A man reaches for a bicycle. In the background are several bikes.
Goods on display in front of businesses that engage in passing trade are often easily accessible and vulnerable to theft. How do traders insure themselves against it?

Lots of businesses have this problem. Goods are on display during business hours and often something disappears – without being paid for. But it's difficult to prove that it was theft. So what insurance cover exists for such claims? Helvetia went to a bicycle dealer to find out.

Theft from in front of the shop

The bicycle dealer put the bikes on display in front of the shop during opening hours without securing them. If such a bicycle is stolen, the insurers refer to this as «simple theft». That can be very expensive for the dealer. At Helvetia, claims for simple theft can only be asserted for up to CHF 5,000. Important: This cover only applies during shop opening times.

Always secure expensive products

Outside of opening hours, goods must be suitably secured. Helvetia recommends that expensive goods such as bicycles always be secured appropriately – i.e. even during opening times.

Standard Terms of Insurance for Theft

At Helvetia, theft is insured if the theft or attempted theft can be proven on the basis of forensic evidence, witnesses' reports or other damage. In the event of a break-in, the damage caused to buildings is also insured.

Property, goods and inventory

Helvetia offers you optimum insurance coverage for your property, goods, facilities, money assets and glazing (including costs and loss of income) or for things that have been entrusted to you. We also insure vehicles, agricultural property and livestock.

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