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Helvetia transport insurance – globally connected

Transporting and storing goods entails risks that are difficult to control. Especially when there are additional restrictions in place, as there have been in recent months. When something goes wrong, it can become very expensive. As an experienced Swiss transport insurer, Helvetia offers a hand.

21 July 2020, text: Sandra Biraghi, photo: iStock

Man wearing a safety helmet and vest in front of a wall of coloured transport containers.
Goods in transit are exposed to a number of uncontrollable risks. A transport insurance policy allows you to play it safe.

The past few months have shown once again that well-functioning logistics are crucial. «When exceptional situations occur, a well-established system can be severely impacted,» states Raymond Piot, Head Transport Insurance Switzerland at Helvetia. Our expert is talking about something that has been widespread during the crisis: delivery delays, a lack of spare parts or, in the case of some items, briefly empty shelves.

Loss or damage is a part of everyday life

The transportation and storage of goods and the associated risks are something that the sender and recipient are often unable to control. Even in normal times, it is a fact of everyday life that goods in transit get damaged or lost. The consequences include the financial losses incurred on the damaged goods, the related interruptions to business and lost revenue. A transport insurance policy protects goods against loss, damage or manipulation during transportation, stops and exhibitions as well as during loading, unloading and transhipment.

Longer periods in storage due to the crisis

«In particular, the crisis has affected insurance cover for stopovers, lengthier exhibitions or longer periods in storage. During this time, these have been covered by transport insurance,» adds Raymond Piot. This insurance cover was extended quickly and easily. Helvetia has also offered its customers assistance with blocked goods. Thanks to its global network of regional claims agents, Helvetia is able to work with its partners to provide on-the-spot support without any bureaucracy.

Switzerland’s first transport insurer

In 1858, Helvetia became the first company in Switzerland to offer transport insurance. At that time, the textiles and mechanical engineering industries were particularly important. «Today, we insure almost all goods. However, the textiles and fashion industry is still one of our most important customers, from the cotton trade through to boutiques,» explains Raymond Piot. Helvetia is not only the most experienced, but also the largest Swiss transport insurer – for all sectors of the economy and any size of business. Together with Helvetia in the Principality of Liechtenstein, the European subsidiaries and a network partner, the nationally and internationally active team of experts in Switzerland can provide a personal contact for every need. «We hope that normality is now more or less returning for our customers. The crisis has shown that Helvetia is well positioned by virtue of its transport insurance and our services are highly valued – including in the event of a claim.» 

Raymond Piot

Raymond Piot

Raymond Piot has been Head Transport Insurance at Helvetia since 2015 and Head Art Insurance Switzerland since February 2020. He works in Dübendorf, but is often out and about in Switzerland.

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Helvetia transport insurance: protection for goods and merchandise

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