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Procurement criteria

When we purchase goods and services, we ensure that they comply with environmental, social and governance criteria.

As an insurance company, Helvetia primarily performs services and also processes the related data and information. We make purchases for ongoing office operations, building fittings and building maintenance. We procure IT products, office furniture and advertising items in addition to office supplies and paper. We also purchase external services such as cleaning, translations, consulting and certifications. Helvetia ensures local, environmentally friendly and socially responsible procurement. In 2017, over 90 per cent of our purchase volume originated from Switzerland. We have recorded the basic principles and minimum requirements for purchasing products and services in our procurement policy and an internal handbook. The internal handbook takes recognised labels and standards into account, such as the Blue Angel for paper products.

We maintain a constructive, fair and partnership-based relationship with our suppliers, and many of them are also our customers. By doing so, we support fair, competition-oriented business policies with standard market prices.

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