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Architects of our own fortune

Kyra Walti
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Kyra Walti
Kyra Walti
At Helvetia, you have plenty of opportunities to fulfil your potential. Make full use of the range of regular training and development courses on offer and take advantage of the personal prospects available to you! Because it feels good when things are moving forward.
Stairwell with a beaded curtain by Pipilotti Rist, Steinengraben, Basel
Stairwell with a beaded curtain by Pipilotti Rist, Steinengraben, Basel.

The four stages of your successful development:


In regular discussions covering conduct and performance, we express our appreciation and work with you to define new goals. This approach ensures that we are able to promote your individual development on a targeted basis.

Performance appraisal

Is your performance being well received? In the performance appraisal we offer you feedback and are ready to listen to what you have to say about any issues relating to your work situation. The discussion will cover cooperation with your team and manager, as well as your own career prospects. And via agreed and achieved targets you have a direct influence over your next bonus.


Great developments give all the more pleasure to all those involved when they are noticed and appreciated. Human resources diagnostics and succession conferences are therefore important tools for bringing impressive developments to light and appointing the most talented individuals to key mission-critical positions.


Well-trained, committed and competent talent is our most important success factor. And a good thing can get even better: professional training and advice can contribute to career development for everyone from up-and-coming junior staff to managers.

To give you the best possible support we also count on the following measures:

  • Individual development interviews
  • Financial support for internal and external training and career development
  • Back-up for managers: accompanying staff from their first steps through to experienced leadership, including further training and platforms for exchanging experiences
  • Sales Competence Center: targeted training sessions for the Sales Force (CICERO)

Practical deployment

Where can you put your skills to the best use? Whether it's a question of moving to a new job in a different department, or in a different location or country – at Helvetia the world is open to those who are prepared to work hard. The HR department will help you settle into your new responsibilities. Those who prefer to stay in their familiar environment can also aim for promotion or get involved in projects.

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