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Susanne-Christina Tengler

Head of Investor Relations.
Susanne-Christina Tengler

What do you do at Helvetia?

I manage the Investor Relations department. We are responsible for communication with the capital market and liaise with the stock exchange. Our main tasks include publishing the financial statements, i.e. the annual report and the investor presentation. We also organize the annual Ordinary General Meeting.

What do you enjoy about your job?

The breadth of my tasks and the proximity to the corporate management. From interpreting the year-end figures and looking at regulatory issues, to questions about our strategy, I have to be able to turn my hand to everything. This means seeing things from two perspectives every day: the internal vs. the external perspective. This makes my job extremely varied and fascinating. As well as analytical skills, it also calls for a lot of creativity, such as when designing corporate publications.

What is your tip for women in business?

Be bold, take on challenges, and tell people about your successes.