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«I’d go through thick and thin for Helvetia.»

Alessandra Albisetti has been working for Helvetia for 25 years. She explains what she’s come to appreciate, how part-time working functions at Helvetia and what she hopes &Go will achieve for the future.

9 October 2018, author: Employer Branding, photo: Helvetia

A woman holding red, heart-shaped balloons, standing in the middle of a white room.
Thanks to her efficient, goal-oriented approach, Alessandra Albisetti Szalay has overcome every obstacle in her 25 years at the company.

Who are you and what do you do at Helvetia? How did you get to where you are today?

My name is Alessandra Albisetti Szalay. I came to Helvetia after completing my training as a PR specialist. This appeared in a magazine and my future manager – who was looking to fill a position in public relations – contacted me. That was 25 years ago. When what was formerly the Public Relations department was split up into a communications unit and an investor relations unit I switched to the latter, due to the experience I had gained with finance-related projects.At Helvetia, I work part-time and primarily on a project-oriented basis. My work is really exciting, and the vast majority of it consists of organizing the shareholders’ meeting for the holding company as well as producing the annual report and the new corporate brochure. I also help out ad hoc on various projects within our department.

What is the aim of Investor Relations?

As the name already suggests, we cultivate trust-based, long-term relationships with investors and financial analysts. Our aim is for these good relationships to have a positive impact on the share price and, thus, benefit shareholders.

What does &Go mean for you in your day-to-day work at Helvetia?

For me, &Go means that I have short, swift, simple channels and structures, and can make rapid progress in what I do, without things getting in the way. Unfortunately, this whole idea of moving swiftly has suffered somewhat given the new dimensions of our company. I hope we can get back to such lean structures. Because it's precisely this simplicity as an employer, among other things, that I appreciate so much about Helvetia.

Why is &Go important and right for Helvetia?

Digitalization is something that affects us, too – in fact we're right in the grip of it – and it means we have to be clear, straightforward and focused on moving forward if we are to continue being a contender in the marketplace. In the future, we won’t be able to wait for certain signals before we begin: we will have to be bold in taking decisions ourselves and be at the vanguard in our industry.

Being a part-timer at Helvetia – does it work?

Yes, even very well in my case. My line manager has always been understanding and has trusted me, and I've shown my thanks in return by being very flexible. That means that when workloads have become very heavy – in spring especially – I've always worked 100 percent, so I’ve always been in the office when I’ve been needed. That benefits both sides. I reduced my working hours to 50 percent after my children were born, which was 18 and 16 years ago, respectively. I now work on a 70 percent basis. Luckily, my line managers have always been fully supportive of that. I really appreciate this flexibility and am also very grateful.

What makes Helvetia a good employer for women?

Helvetia has recognized that women in general – and not just in management positions – are still somewhat under-represented. As far as I’m aware, the issue is currently being looked at. At the moment, I see a lot of things being done to champion women at Helvetia. I think we're on the right track.

Over the 25 years you've been with Helvetia, what has it got badly wrong?

Nothing really. I’ve always had a really good feeling as part of the company. I’d go through thick and thin for Helvetia. The reason is that Helvetia has also been very good to me. Over the past 25 years I've never once entertained notions of leaving, although that doesn't mean, of course, that Helvetia is perfect.


&Go is Helvetia's current campaign to position itself as a first-class employer. Find more information on Helvetia as an employer.

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