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“Getting used to a new environment is intense.”

Caroline Loewert cannot imagine routine in her daily work. Every day is different – and she is constantly learning new things. Caroline now manages a team in Swisscanto’s Customer Services and is part of various working groups – thanks in part to her willingness to change jobs internally, enabling her to get to know many departments.

14 June 2018, author: Dardan Zeqiri, photo: Mirjam Arnold

Caroline Loewert sits at a laptop and smiles at the camera.
Internal mobility provides opportunities for employees who are eager to learn, says Caroline Loewert.

Caroline started her professional career with an internship at Helvetia. Following her studies, she wanted to gain practical experience above all. “After I had finished studying business management with a focus on HR, I took my first professional steps at Helvetia as an intern in the HR department”, Caroline remembers.

From intern to manager

At the end of her internship, she got the opportunity to take on an exciting full-time position in Distribution Channel Fees. “This department offered various insights into individual life, non-life and collective life. It enabled me to improve my understanding of the setup of an insurance company, which was very instructive and interesting. I was receptive and simply wanted to learn”, Caroline says in summary. Once she had gained good knowledge of the technical aspects of an insurance company, Caroline wanted to change. “After some time, I discovered that I wanted to have more to do with people”, she remembers. When a vacancy arose in HR Administration, she didn’t hesitate to switch. “I was responsible for the sales force in Romandie and hence a service provider for our employees.” As a result of restructuring and after starting a family, Caroline changed departments once again and devoted herself to occupational benefit schemes. She became a subject specialist after completing internal training and is now a team leader in Swisscanto’s Customer Services. “That was the part that I personally was missing”, says Caroline.

A safe bet

“Getting used to a new environment is very intense but also enriching”, Caroline confesses. Nevertheless, she believes that employees can only gain in the long term if they take on something new. “Being active and questioning things critically are required skills if you want to get on.” However, she is aware that constantly changing environments is not for everyone – and that’s fine, she says. “For employees who are curious and eager to learn, I can only recommend constantly assessing opportunities for an internal job change.”

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