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“All training should make employees better...”

A series of lucky circumstances led Christian Weyer to the Helvetia Service Centre where he is now employed as a trainer. Christian joined Helvetia’s student team during his studies in Nordic philology and ethnology.

9 April 2018, author: Christian Weyer, photos: Natalie Widmer

“In answer to the question of how I came by my job, I can answer with a clear 'no idea'. The prospect of it would have given me the same feelings at the beginning of my studies as if someone had prophesised that I would become a pearl diver in the South Seas or a fortune cookie text writer in Gondelsheim. I studied Nordic philology and ethnology, two subjects that always provoke the following questions: 'What exactly is that?' and 'What can you do with it after?' The answer to the second question specifically is one I still don’t know today.

From the student team to training responsibility

To the annoyance of my parents, I studied things with great interest that might one day be helpful for 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'. Something 'sensible' like law or economics would never have entered my mind. So they saw it as a small stroke of destiny that I took a job in the student team with Helvetia. Perhaps something would become of me after all. I was the famous blank canvas, the clay in the hands of the potter. I knew absolutely nothing about insurance and didn’t know the difference between assistance and life insurance. The deputy manager of the call centre at that time and the person responsible for training students took me on with noticeable enthusiasm and contributed a great deal to the fact that I am responsible for training in the Helvetia Service Centre (HSC) today. In my current job I am taking care of our two trainees and am very involved with projects in the HSC and cooperation with other departments. In addition, I support all HSC employees with questions and problems of every sort. Because I am not a team manager and have walked the same path as all others who start at the HSC, it is perhaps easier for some people to come to me.

Private and business passions

In my job, I also profit from my two hobbies: handball and learning languages. Thanks to my linguistic skills, I can speak the languages of all three HSC locations (Basel, Lausanne, Lugano). In addition, I have trained adult and junior teams for 15 years at the handball club GVT Basel, and the subjects of 'training and coaching' are therefore very familiar to me. My supervisors are always very accommodating to me and have helped me to combine my private and business tasks.

Regarding the quality of my work, I set the highest standards, because it is my work, among other things, that determines the way employees advise customers and what first impressions are made by Helvetia. Every day is a new challenge and great fun, partly thanks to my colleagues who appreciate my work. Training in the HSC is an absolute affair of the heart for me, because I want to give back some of what I received on my way.

Would I do everything exactly the same again? Maybe. It was a series of lucky circumstances that brought me here. A door always opened while I was trying to do my current job as well as possible. As mentioned at the beginning, I didn’t know and I still do not know where my journey will lead, but I am looking forward to each onward stage.”

My recommendations for students

“Do not follow recommendations – you must find your own way. What proved good for me personally: don’t take yourself too seriously, but take your tasks all the more seriously.”

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