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«A customer advisor has to like people...»

Christof Schwarber has been with Helvetia at its general agency in the Rhine valley since 1996. Now a general agent, he joined the company as a sales apprentice. 21 years on, Christof Schwarber still finds his work as a customer advisor fascinating.

26 January 2018, author: Christof Schwarber (Helvetia), photo:

Camera ready: Christof Schwarber – Helvetia, Christoph Kägi – GM Rechtsanwälte, Werner Marent – Provida Management Services AG and Andreas Bruderer – Bruderer Wohnen.
Christof Schwarber with his customers Christoph Kägi of GM Rechtsanwälte, Werner Marent of Provida Management Services AG and Andreas Bruderer of Bruderer Wohnen.

«I knew right from the beginning of my apprenticeship that I wanted to be a customer advisor one day. Even then, I loved working with people and wanted to build up my own network of contacts, and I liked the flexible working hours. I have really good memories of my apprenticeship as a salesperson and I particularly liked the various residential workshops and events which allowed me to meet lots of employees from all over Switzerland. Some of these contacts formed the basis of customer and business relationships I still have now. After my sales apprenticeship I obtained my Swiss Federal PET Diploma as a marketing planner, then I stayed at Helvetia and completed my diploma as a customer advisor.

The focus is on the customer

Even after 21 years at Helvetia I'm still really excited about selling our insurance solutions. As well as being a salesperson, a customer advisor has to like people and be able to get on well with them – that is one prerequisite that hasn't changed over the years. However, in comparison to the old days, the work tools I use have changed radically; thanks to smart phones and tablets I'm now able to access all the data I need while interacting with my customers, thus speeding up the process for them.

I enjoy dealing with requests from my customers. My advice might help them reduce their premiums, for example, or access assistance more quickly in the event of a claim. I'm extremely motivated by the trust they place in me and by a simple thank you.

Routine with some exceptions

Although when you are advising customers there is inevitably a certain amount of repetition, every customer is different, and that makes my work very varied. As a customer advisor you also get to know people from all walks of life, and I particularly like being able to advise customers at different stages in their lives – all the way from young adults to those in retirement.»

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