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Christoph Fritschi connects IT and employees

Christoph Fritschi wants to make life easier for Helvetia employees in IT. As a Business Analyst, he meets the needs of specialist departments and creates suitable IT solutions. In the article, the 26-year-old talks about his latest projects and the task of balancing work and studies.

10 July 2017, text: Christoph Fritschi, photos: Katrin Meier

In my role as a Business Analyst, I am responsible for specialist aspects in IT projects. I act as an agent between the core business and IT, working to ensure that we in the IT Department recognise and implement the needs of our internal customers from specialist departments. At the same time, I try to familiarise employees with how IT works.

What is exciting is that this involves interaction with lots of different contacts. Our clients often have no idea about how they want something solved – or about the options available to them. This is where we come in. We look for and implement solutions in a targeted manner. End customers are always our focus. Our goal is to acquaint them more closely with the subject of insurance in a simple fashion. We employ the agile project management method “SCRUM” in our projects, which is based on flexibility rather than fixed rules and elaborate documentation.

My highlight: the new development of an ideas tool

One of my highlights to date was a project that I was able to support during my time as a trainee at Helvetia. It involved developing an ideas tool for the ideas of employees. The task was to develop a tool that is easy to use and also stimulates employees to use it. The platform established a new way to generate ideas within Helvetia. Specialist departments can now integrate all employees in their solution searches. The introduction of the tool was a complete success: during the first 200 work days, more ideas were submitted than in the previous three years with the old application.

Balancing work and studies

After finishing school I joined an insurance company as a commercial apprentice. Following a bachelor’s degree in business informatics, I returned to the sector as part of the Helvetia trainee programme. Since September 2016 I have been studying for a master’s alongside work – also in business informatics. Combining studying with my projects at Helvetia is challenging but fun. Helvetia’s flexible working time model, which offers me flexibility regarding both time and location, is very accommodating in this situation.

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