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Flexible working – at home or on the move

Appointments at another Helvetia site or a customer’s premises, a long commute or having to wait in for a tradesperson: Thanks to Home and Mobile Office, Helvetia employees can occasionally work from home or when out and about. As part of “WorkReallySmart@helvetia”, Helvetia welcomes these flexible working models.

11 April 2019, text: Nadja Häberli, photo: Helvetia

Martin Tschopp often works while travelling, at home, or even between two train connections at Zurich main station.

Martin Tschopp, Head of Corporate Development, has to travel a lot – between St. Gallen, Stettbach and Basel, or away from the Helvetia sites. He always has his laptop with him. Martin Tschopp works while travelling, at home, or even between two train connections at Zurich main station, thus benefiting from Home and Mobile Office provided by “WorkReallySmart@helvetia”. In the video you will see why Martin Tschopp uses this offer, how he does it, and what his colleagues and staff think of it. 

Home and Mobile Office is not only suitable for Helvetia employees who travel a lot like Martin Tschopp. In principle, Home and Mobile Office is available to almost all Helvetia employees. 


If you expect your employees to show high levels of commitment and deliver peak performance, you also need to offer them something in return. At Helvetia we attach great importance to ensuring that our employees can combine their work and personal lives harmoniously. Because working for Helvetia means having the scope to shape your own life. Or, as we also like to say: WorkReallySmart@helvetia

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