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Job-sharing: the art of being number one together

One company, two employees, one job: job-sharing. For eight years now, Sandra Hartmann and Jeannette Jutzi have been sharing their job at Helvetia. In this article, they tell us about the advantages of this modern way of working.

5 October 2018, author: Nadja Häberli, photo: Helvetia

Two women laugh into the camera.
For eight years now, Sandra Hartmann (left) and Jeannette Jutzi (right) have been sharing a full-time position as assistants.

For eight years now, Sandra Hartmann and Jeannette Jutzi have been sharing a full-time position as assistants. Since April 2017, they have worked in this role for Achim Baumstark, Head of IT & FM (CTO) and member of Helvetia’s Group Executive Management. Their week goes as follows: Jeannette Jutzi works the first half of the week. At lunchtime on Wednesday, the colleagues spend an hour together to ensure a seamless handover, before Sandra Hartmann takes over for the rest of the week. Rather than handing back over in person, she writes a briefing on Friday evenings so that Jeannette Jutzi knows exactly what to do when she arrives on Monday morning. The aim of both job-sharing partners is to ensure as smooth a transition as possible so that the boss hardly even notices which of the two is working on any given day.

A win-win situation

Both women decided upon job-sharing in order to have more time for their families and their own interests. For them, this modern way of working offers only advantages. «When job-sharing, it is essential that you work as a team and that the chemistry is just right. That’s definitely the case for us», says Jeannette Jutzi, adding: «For me, job-sharing is the art of being number one together.» For Sandra Hartmann, one thing is clear: «The line manager must be open to this model. But he ultimately benefits from double the expertise and double the skills. It’s also great when a fresh mind can start working in the middle of the week.» «And if one of us is on holiday, it’s not a problem since the other one is there to do the work», adds Jeannette Jutzi.

Not only 50:50 splits are possible

At Helvetia, not only 50:50 divisions of roles are possible, but also 60:40 or even 60:60. This enables us to better cater to the needs of our employees. For this reason, Helvetia aims to offer more job-share positions in future. For Sandra Hartmann and Jeannette Jutzi, this is a step in the right direction, since both of them would definitely choose job-sharing again if they had to.

Job-sharing at Helvetia

At Helvetia, «Workreallysmart@helvetia» stands for flexibility and attractive day-to-day working conditions. Since March 2018, Helvetia has followed this principle, aiming to offer its employees maximum flexibility when organizing their working routines. One element of this is job-sharing.

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