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My Helvetia apprentice­ship – bull’s eye!

He couldn’t become a football pro – but Marco Giugno will soon be an insurance pro. Despite work and school, the trainee still has enough time to shoot goals.

22 November 2017, text: Marco Giugno, photos: Margrith Mermet

Many hobby football players dream of going pro. I was no different. I’ve been actively playing football since I was four. I didn’t make it to the professional league, but I did work my way up to the Promotion League, the second-highest tier for junior players.

Since football had become my passion, but not my profession, I started looking at my other talents while I was in school. I ended up with a piece of paper that had three words on it: languages, people and computers. I buckled down and started researching my options. During my search, I stumbled across Helvetia’s commercial training programme.

Convinced during trial day

I submitted my application online and was promptly invited in for an interview. I didn’t know what to expect, so I was pretty antsy going in. My interviewers started asking me why I was interested in the programme, what I liked about the insurance industry and why I wanted to come to Helvetia. My nervousness quickly melted away; I had prepared myself well and ended up having a really pleasant interview.

A few days later, I was given the chance to attend a “trial day” and experience Helvetia for myself. The employees explained a lot and were really accommodating. After that, I had no doubts: this is it! This is where I want to do my apprenticeship!

Learning new things every day

In the first week of the apprenticeship, all the trainees came to an orientation camp. I started getting to know my peers in the programme. We also received tons of information on Helvetia and the various components of our training programme.

My first “assignment” after camp started in the Foundation Mandates Department. I’m always happy to be given new responsibilities because that’s how I learn new things. And someone from the team will always help me if I get stuck.

Exciting, wonderful and strenuous

What I initially underestimated was the combination of work and school. During school, I learn theoretical principles that I can put into action at Helvetia. Studying at night after work isn’t exactly my favourite thing to do. It’s challenging. I’d advise anyone enrolled in a training programme to develop good self-management skills in order to combine these two areas effectively.

However, I still have enough time and energy left over in the evenings to pursue my favourite hobby, football, or hang out with my friends.

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