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Future Day: «When I grow up I want to be …»

On National Future Day, 9 November 2017, 57 children of Helvetia staff members were given an insight into their parents’ work at our head offices in St. Gallen and Basel. In the following story Jesslyn, aged 11, talks about her impressions.

28 November 2017, author: Jesslyn and Natalie Jaussi, photo: Fulya Ersoy

Jesslyn is standing in the Helvetia Service Center, wearing a headset and smiling into the camera. A number of other people are sitting around her.
Jesslyn visited the Helvetia Service Center on national Future Day.

«Hi, I’m Jesslyn. I’m eleven. On 9 November 2017 I took part in National Future Day at Helvetia Basel. I was at Helvetia because that’s where my Daddy works. I’ve sometimes imagined working at Helvetia, as a lawyer. That’s what I want to be, you see: a lawyer. But on Future Day I got to check out a different exciting job: I got to visit the Helvetia Service Center. Clients call the Center if they’ve had a car accident, for example, and they want to know if Helvetia will pay for the damage.

Fun, games and nice people

I loved what happened on Future Day. At 8.30 the other children and I were warmly welcomed, and given little gifts. Over 30 children took part in Future Day in Basel, and the first thing we did was play a game to get to know each other. During the morning we found out some more about Helvetia staff members. As I want to be a lawyer, they let me spend some time with a Helvetia lawyer to find out more about the profession. Lunch in the Helvetia restaurant was lovely, and it was interesting to observe the staff members. Everyone was very nice and easy-going with us. I got the impression that they like working at Helvetia.

It was fascinating to walk along the Helvetia corridors looking at all the offices. A few of them looked really cool. I can quite imagine working in an office like that one day. I’m writing this report at one of these Helvetia workstations. I like it a lot. And that’s it. Bye!»

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