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A Project Management Officer in 3 minutes

Project managers and students hoping to be recruited meet for unconventional interviews at Helvetia Consulting. It's all about mutual liking, time and a little reception desk bell.

20 april 2019, text: Ulrich Willenberg, photo: Martin Wagner

The new recruiting format works like speed-dating: reach a project manager officer in three minutes.
Are you a student looking for a job? The new recruiting format works like speed-dating: reach a project manager officer in three minutes.

Ding, ding, ding – everyone moves on one place. They then have another three minutes to get to know a different person. It sounds like speed dating – and that's exactly what it is. The difference is that here no-one is looking for a life partner, but for a temporary one. Because those sitting across the table tonight are project managers from Helvetia. They all have varied and complex topics to work on and little time for administrative tasks. That is why they need the support of motivated students as Project Management Officers (PMO) who they can now get to know at three-minute intervals. If a pair like each other and have shared interests, a follow-up appointment is made for them to get to know each other properly. The prize is an exciting student job with good pay and the chance to gain an insight into the work at Switzerland's largest all-lines insurer.

Everyone’s a winner

Helvetia Consulting, Helvetia's in-house consulting company, organizes the employment of students. It also came up with the unusual interview format. "What I like about this concept is that there are no losers," says one participant. "If it works out, you're invited to an interview. If not, at least you've had an exciting experience and a superb aperitif." And the participants can come back any time since a repeat session is already being planned: "We've had excellent feedback. There are already project managers and students who are interested in another session," says a pleased Rebecca Wirbel. She herself is still a student, but is already responsible for building up the PMO pool at Helvetia Consulting in Basel. "Students are given responsibility from the start at Helvetia Consulting. The company has confidence in you," she reports. Anyone who likes the sound of this concept can contact Rebecca directly.

Ready, steady, go!

Your entry into the world of work is an exciting time! All the better if the new chapter in your life starts on a positive note from the word go: friendly, helpful colleagues, interesting tasks and a varied range of training and career development options will ensure that your first step on the career ladder is a great experience.

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