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In a nutshell

Claudia Sauter, Head of Communications & PR at Helvetia, does things slightly differently to most insurance employees. For more than a year, she and her team have been doing their utmost to accelerate and modernise Helvetia's “heart”. In this interview, she talks about good communication, speed and fun at work.

24 January 2019, author: Isabella Awad , photo: Claudia Sauter

A woman with blond hair and a black dress looks into the camera.
Claudia Sauter, Head of Communications & PR at Helvetia, is fascinated by new technologies and new media, and what they can do.

Claudia, what kind of person are you?

I'm a creative person, but I can also think analytically and strategically. I enjoy doing what I do. Work is fun for me. I am a positive and forward-looking person, and I like sharing ideas and experiences with colleagues – regardless of their role or department. I like to learn from others, understand issues and achieve top results. What’s more, I’m not a lone warrior. I am most comfortable working with an inspiring team.

You are the head of Corporate Communications & PR – what do you like about the field of communication?

The issues are constantly changing. I am fascinated by new technologies and new media, and what they can do. For me, communication is the heart of the company; it needs to beat rapidly. We are a team of experts, and we advise and support our colleagues in all situations. We set new standards and try out new things.

So what does “good communication” mean?

It means communicating authentically and honestly, both within and outside the company. Communication needs to get to the heart of complex issues and explain them in a way that is concise, succinct and creative: that is good communication. We need to “speak our customers’ language”.

What is your mission at Helvetia?

My role is to position Helvetia as an all-line insurer in Switzerland and the rest of the world and to enhance its reputation. We do this, for example, by identifying issues and exploring new horizons in order to get closer to our various internal and external target groups. This may be done using processes, tools, events and – above all – mindsets. We see ourselves as service providers and trendsetters for our insurance. 

What kind of skills are needed in communications work?

The ability to get to the heart of complex issues. To understand Helvetia’s strategic focus and support its implementation. To immerse oneself in issues, to dive into other worlds. To mix with people, and to enjoy doing it. To always be open to new points of view. To analyse data, to interpret it and, if necessary, to tweak existing measures. To always ensure quality, even when speed is of the essence. 

Innovation, digitalisation, etc., in short: change is par for the course for Helvetia. What does that mean for communication? 

We know that the world is changing rapidly, that our customers are adapting quickly to these changes and that they expect us to respond in a similar fashion. Helvetia needs to respond quickly to new trends. We can really only guess what the future holds. So this also means giving things a try – it may result in success or failure. 

How do you see Helvetia’s corporate culture?

We are eager for change and at the same time we have respect for it; sometimes we are too self-critical. We are on the verge of a new era and new beginnings. This is one of the reasons I think the “&Go”  campaign is so good. 

Finally and briefly: what is your objective for 2019?

To ensure Helvetia is known and loved by people – to make it a genuine love brand.

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