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Anna Tanner’s mission: arouse interest in Helvetia

Getting students excited about insurance probably isn’t the easiest job in the world. But that doesn’t stop Anna Tanner and Rado Simeunovic from the Helvetia HSG Team. Their mission: to build awareness and appreciation for Helvetia among the student body of University of St.Gallen.

20 November 2017, author: Linda Zampieri, fotos: Sarah Büchel / ma

It’s hard to get a personal appointment with Anna Tanner. The young Schaffhausen native is rarely at her desk, as she freely admits, but is rather always either on the go for her work or for her studies. Tanner and Rado Simeunovic belong to the Helvetia HSG Team. Together, they want to build awareness and appreciation for Helvetia among the University of St.Gallen’s student body. To achieve this goal, they provide insurance advice and organize events. «We do a pretty good job of making students aware of Helvetia, especially during New Student Orientation,» explained Tanner.

Challenge: to arouse interest in insurance

Tanner and Simeunovic are themselves students at the University of St.Gallen – a basic requirement for working on the HSG Team. So it’s easy to stay in touch with the students, said Tanner. The real challenge is arousing their interest in insurance. It doesn’t help that many students often don’t even see the sense of insurance at all. And yet Tanner and Simeunovic still manage, time and again, to pique students’ curiosity.

Dispelling doubts

Tanner and Simeunovic hold around 100 advisory meetings a semester. Their goal is to dispel any doubts that students may have about insurance. Tanner’s strategy: she views the other person more as a friend than a customer. She listens and asks constructive questions. It’s a quick way to find out what a student needs the most. And it’s well received, too. «I get a lot of positive feedback. If I can arouse their interest, I’ll be the first one they reach out to when they have insurance questions,» said Tanner. She’s confident that the first step has been taken. Now it’s time to get more students aware of the Helvetia HSG Team. And with that, she heads out the door, off to her next meeting.

New Student Orientation

Every year, incoming first-years meet for a one-week orientation before the semester officially begins. One orientation activity involves splitting up into small groups to work on a case study about a current topic. This year’s topic was the Pensions 2020 reform. Helvetia employees help them with this complex task and then evaluate the groups at the end of the week.

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