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Apprentices present to Group Executive Management

Helvetia is investing in the next generation by encouraging and challenging. At this year’s approval of the process unit of insurance agents, the Group Executive Management was on the jury. This new format contributes to a good corporate culture and reinforces apprentices’ motivation.

13 may 2019, Text: Michaela Schaub, Photo: Nicolas Graf

A woman wearing a white blouse is standing next to a flip chart and presenting a procedure.
Helvetia is investing in the next generation.

Insurance agents need to be able to understand, identify and adhere to operational processes. The world of work requires an increasingly process-oriented and cross-divisional mindset and behaviour. As a result, autonomy, analytical approaches, presentation techniques and networked thinking, among others, should be encouraged as a part of training. For this reason, process units (PUs) have been introduced. These are established in line with a standard, obligatory structure and consist of written documentation and an oral presentation.

Giving a presentation to experts

During their training, Helvetia apprentices have two opportunities to experience, describe and analyse operational processes and make suggestions for improvement, as part of a process unit. During the presentation days at the Basel head office in April 2019, apprentices presented their PUs to internal Helvetia experts and were subsequently assessed. In addition, each apprentice’s training supervisor was present in order to assess the technical accuracy. And for the first time, a Member of Group Executive Management was also on the jury that day in order to assess and grade the examination.

A clear advantage

Goliath meets David – or in other words: personal contact between the Group Executive Management and apprentices is essential. It enables Group Executive Management to give the company’s youngest employees its attention, gain insights into the training and establish close contact. It also gives the younger generation a chance to demonstrate their efforts to others outside their own department. Suggestions for improvement will be optimized in practice to achieve more efficient processes. Moreover, promoting the next generation contributes to a good corporate culture and reinforces apprentices’ motivation. Making apprentices aware that they are highly valued at Helvetia strengthens their commitment and produces better results.

Ready, steady, go!

Your entry into the world of work is an exciting time! All the better if the new chapter in your life starts on a positive note from the word go: friendly, helpful colleagues, interesting tasks and a varied range of training and career development options will ensure that your first step on the career ladder is a great experience.

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