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"I was able to input the agency perspective."

For Sandra Zemp no two days at Helvetia are ever the same. Her move from the sales force to internal services has also worked perfectly both for her and for Helvetia.

26 july 2018, author: Anne Forster, photo: Mirjam Arnold

Sandra Zemp smiles for the camera.
Sandra Zemp's move from the sales force to internal services has worked out perfectly both for her and for Helvetia.

Sandra Zemp wanted to "learn a profession which is varied and challenges me anew every day," so she chose to do an apprenticeship at Helvetia. From the very start she was fascinated by the wealth of different services insurance companies provide. Then came the interesting anecdotes that her father, also working in insurance at the time, would recount at the dinner table.

A wealth of sales force experience

Having completed her apprenticeship, Sandra Zemp moved away from Helvetia but returned after only a short while. "I struggled with the corporate philosophy at my new workplace. I missed my old colleagues and the fact that we worked with each other rather than against each other."

After gathering seven years of experience as an internal services employee working within the sales force, Sandra Kemp was looking for a new career challenge. A corporate merger offered her the opportunity of promotion to head of sales support and a change of workplace from the lakes region north of Lucerne to Berne. Her new position, with its new tasks and responsibilities and above all the new management role, which she says taught her, "how much work goes into making sure a team works well together," was a promising career move.

Unlimited opportunities

With a bag full of experience Sandra decided in 2016 to move from the sales force to internal services at the head office of Helvetia in Basel. This has worked out perfectly both for her and for the company. During the reorganization of the Helvetia Service Center, Helvetia and Sandra's new team benefitted from her experience and her knowledge of the sales force. "I understood the structures and processes really well, so I was able to input the agency perspective." In addition to her new role as team leader, she also acquired project management responsibility. For Sandra, too, the move was a chance to see things within Helvetia from a different perspective. "I develop more each day, learn new things on a daily basis and have an even better understanding of everything that is involved in the support provided by internal services, including marketing, HR services and IT development."

Networking is everything

With every step she has taken along her career path, Sandra has become ever more aware of how important it is for Helvetia colleagues working in the sales force and internal services to get to know each other. "Just being able to ring someone up and not have to spend ages explaining who you are really does make things easier." Sandra has got to know her colleagues in the different departments not just through collaboration across departmental boundaries, but also at various social events organized by Helvetia. She cites here in particular the annual ski weekend, which she once co-organized as an enthusiastic member of the organizing committee.

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