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“I want to find out what I like…”

Skiing enthusiast Marc Rauber is completing the one-year trainee programme at Helvetia. Over the course of a year, he is getting to know various departments and can thus discover what he later wishes to be. Marc reveals the other things he likes about the programme and Helvetia.

4 June 2018, author: Marc Rauber, photos: Helvetia

“My name is Marc Rauber and I am currently completing the one-year trainee programme at Helvetia. One of my biggest hobbies is skiing. Ever since childhood I have hit the slopes several times each winter. I also like to watch alpine skiing on television. Helvetia is one of the main sponsors of Swiss Ski, which is why I can positively connect the Helvetia brand with my hobby. That was also one of the reasons why I chose Helvetia. The other reason was its closeness to the University of St. Gallen (HSG), where I completed my bachelor’s degree in business management. I first heard of the Helvetia trainee programme at the HSG graduate fair. The thing that most appealed to me was the setup and form of the programme. For these reasons, I applied in March a year ago and was accepted after two interviews.

Personal choice

I have now completed almost three quarters of the programme. During the year, I expected that I would be able to familiarise myself with many areas, see Helvetia from different perspectives and make a good start in the working world. To date, these expectations have been exceeded. Above all, I value the opportunity to choose from among the different departments very freely. First of all I spent four months in the Corporate Customers front office. I was then active in corporate development in the ‘Venturing and Eco-systems’ department for another four months. At the moment I am in Area Controlling. I deliberately chose very different departments as I want to find out this year what I like and what area I would later like to work in.

New discoveries

Another thing that I really like about the trainee scheme is the supporting programme. For instance, we were able to participate in the Shareholders’ Meeting and had training days on the subjects of ‘agile project management’ and ‘presentation skills’. This lends variety to everyday work and helps me to acquire additional expertise for my subsequent career. The opportunity to establish contacts throughout the company is something that I also think is very positive. This is mainly due to the change of departments, but I have also found staff members to be very open. For instance, some colleagues have taken one or two hours to show me their tasks and activities. This has enabled me to familiarise myself with other roles, such as the Strategy and M&A department and their everyday work.

And so it continues

I will remain in Area Controlling until the end of June. I will spend the last two months of my trainee programme in the Private Customers Property and Financial Loss Insurances department. I already have a part-time job there in product management beginning after the trainee programme. Simultaneously, I will begin my master’s in banking and finance at the University of St. Gallen in September. I really value the fact that the trainee programme is so flexible and that I am even able to discover four departments instead of three. This will enable me to find my feet in my new environment and then continue to work there part-time. I am very glad that I am able to complete the trainee programme at Helvetia and I am delighted to have found further employment internally already. I recommend the Helvetia trainee programme to any student who is interested in the insurance industry and is eager to get to know a company from various perspectives.”

Insurance Trainee Program ITP
The ITP is aimed at graduates of bachelor’s and master’s courses. Dedicated entrants can quickly take on responsibility and benefit from career opportunities in our ITP. The ITP is offered in two variants: ITP and ITP Finance. Further information can be found here.

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