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From the dance stage to the insurance world

Vanessa Costante is Junior Recruiter for Sales Management, and our university interns. In addition, she successfully manages the dance school Salsa Flow Dance Company in Basel. These two worlds have a surprising amount in common.

25 May 2018, author: Natalie Widmer, photo: Vanesse Costante

Music and salsa flow in Vanessa Costante’s veins. Even as a child, she dreamed of becoming a dancer or singer. She began rhythmic gymnastics at age five, before finding salsa at 18. “Salsa is the chance to express music through movement.” Vanessa began as an assistant teacher, and only six months later she taught her first students. It was the start of her existence as a young entrepreneur.

After successfully completing her studies specialising in human resources, she looked to start her career with Helvetia. “I’ve always thought of the insurance industry as exciting, and with Helvetia I was able to identify closely with the values of dynamism, enthusiasm and trust.” The size of the company also suited her: a large company that is manageable and has development opportunities on hand. Right at the beginning of her internship, Vanessa was involved in the establishment of HR Recruiting as a project employee, and she now puts that into practice as a Junior Recruiter.

Finding the perfect balance

Recruiting and dancing have an amazing amount in common. “You never know who is in front of you. Sometimes you have to be brave and find a balance between content and appearance. Ideally, you are communicative and have the ability to quickly establish a trust basis.” Recruiting offers the opportunity to help to shape the company, to get a comprehensive insight into the business areas and to get to know new employees of Helvetia. “By recruiting the right person at the right time and place, we are making a contribution to the development of the company. That is motivating and fun.” In addition, there is the travel to the various Helvetia locations. It is not always easy to accommodate all of this. Luckily, Helvetia provides the necessary flexibility to combine a career and (in her case) a second career. “It’s possible with lots of organisational talent and a strict schedule. Without the flexibility of my employer, however, it would not be possible to manage the dance school. It is really fantastic and valuable to have this type of recognition from Helvetia, my team and my boss.”

Learning for professional life from dancing

Through dancing and teaching, Vanessa has developed characteristics that serve her well today in her professional life at Helvetia. “Performing in front of people was always very difficult for me. When teaching, you have to appear self-confident and be able to deal spontaneously with the varied demands. Today, I can apply this 1:1 in my career as a recruiter.” In addition, discipline and commitment are also important prerequisites for dancing. At Helvetia too, these are characteristics that are desired and appreciated.

Another parallel between the dance school and Helvetia is the family-like atmosphere. It is important to Vanessa and her business partners that the students in the Salsa Flow Dance Company feel like they are in a small family. They sometimes go dancing together after the strenuous part and cheer each other’s successes.

For the future, Vanessa wants to continue to be a successful part of her developing team and company at Helvetia. And, of course, she hopes for healthy growth and many exciting customers for her dance school.

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