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Students and graduates

Have you successfully completed your first few semesters at university or have you already finished a bachelor or master’s degree? Find out about our opportunities to enter the world of work.
Students and grauates


"Own initiative, responsibility and independence – all things we value highly."

Are you studying at a university or university of applied sciences, are you interested in the insurance business and are you seeking an initial insight or a foothold in the insurance industry?

Here you can find out more about our training offerings for students and graduates.

Contact for students/graduates: Sarah Müller, specialist next.generation@helvetia, phone 058 280 4487.

Additional information about career opportunities for graduates is available here (link to German page). German language ability is a prerequisite for opportunities for graduates at Helvetia. Find out more about the various options and career opportunities for graduates.



Name: Michaela Huser

Training: Insurance Trainee Program

Location: Basel

Why did you chose an Insurance Trainee Programme with Helvetia?

After my broadly based degree in business, politics and economics, entering professional life via the Insurance Trainee Programme was an ideal opportunity. The programme offers me the unique possibilities of experiencing various departments within Helvetia and gaining a comprehensive insight into the insurance industry. The fact that I can put together three modules individually according to my interests was particularly appealing. In addition I have long been impressed by the solidarity principle and thus the way the insurance industry works. Helvetia is an insurance company with a longstanding tradition and enjoys a high level of trust in society, and it therefore offers the ideal conditions for entry into the insurance industry.

What has been your highlight so far?

A highlight so far was the three-day «fit for insurance» seminar at the HSG St. Gallen. It was intense, but really exciting. In addition to a comprehensive insight into the insurance industry, during the seminar we also got the opportunity for initial contact with people from various areas of the insurance field. That really showed me how diverse, complex and exciting the insurance industry is.

Describe your area of activity/the scope of your tasks.

I am spending the first module in the Market and Business Development department in the market area Company Pensions. The functions in this department are very diverse as well as project-dependent and seasonal influences. I am responsible, amongst other things, for daily and long-term market observation, as well as for monitoring the competition. On top of that, I support my team colleagues in the maintenance and optimisation of electronic platforms, as well as with event organisation and analysis and strategy work.

What do you think are the conditions required for this training?

The most important thing in my opinion is an interest in the insurance industry, as well as the will and the motivation to gain an insight into this line of business. Since the programme and the three modules can be individually designed, your own initiative and curiosity are also crucially important for successful completion of the programme. The trainees are supported in their organisation of the modules by the talent management, but in order to find the modules that most appeal to you, you nevertheless need to familiarise yourself with the various departments and divisions. To do so, you might sometimes have to work to open doors yourself.


Name: Daniel Signer

Training: Insurance Trainee Program

Location: Head office St. Gallen

Briefly describe your area of activity or the scope of your tasks.

What we do in principle and what makes the whole activity extremely exciting for me is we follow three insurance products throughout their entire life cycle. On the one hand we do the product management – there we revised our photovoltaic insurance, for example. However, we also do all the distribution: we approach the customers, we acquire customers and we address the customers’ concerns. This way we are always seeking solutions that lie somewhat outside of the classic STI*. There we have a certain degree of freedom. We underwrite the more complicated cases ourselves and we are always closely involved in case of a claim. That makes it very exciting and that’s why my day is also very varied. I’m really delighted that I’m able to continue this activity in a permanent position after completing my Insurance Trainee Programme.

You are often in situ for the positioning of a product, dealing with various different people and having to apply all your knowledge. Where did you acquire this knowledge?

Learning by doing. My boss said: "Look, if I don’t throw you in at the deep end then you’ll never learn to swim." And then I went along to customer visits. I saw how things worked and then pretty soon I was able to go on my own. In addition, I had a one-month introduction to property insurance. That was extremely intense, but I learnt so much.

What surprised you in a positive sense – and what did you particularly like?

The humanity. That’s something I could sense even when I came to the first interview. We arrive and we all say «Grüezi» to one another. When you enter Helvetia then you immediately feel at ease. The people simply relate well to one another and that’s something we work to uphold. It’s very positive and it’s something I really like.

You spoke initially about freedom and with freedom often comes responsibility. How do you view the responsibility assigned to you?

The scope of the responsibility is actually perfect. I was already used to that from my previous workplace, taking responsibility for a task and not always being closely supervised. It’s obvious that freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. When I start at a new workplace then I want to take on a certain level of responsibility as quickly as possible, partly because it’s a motivating factor when you know you’re now responsible for something. If something good then comes out of it then I am responsible for that, and the same applies if it turns out badly.

* Standard Terms of Insurance


Starting a career at Helvetia

With our offering for university graduates, we are purposefully seeking our specialists and managers of tomorrow. Thanks to the broadly-based training during the trainee year or the specialisation during an internship, you have the opportunity to focus on suitable areas of activity and to acquire specialist skills.

Further training options

As a progressive employer Helvetia places great emphasis on training and professional development. On the one hand you can attend internal courses in various areas, whilst on the other external training options are generously supported.

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