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Hanging out with ... Carlo Lunardi

Carlo Lunardi

What is your job?

I am responsible for the topic of business process automation across all the departments. This means that I am helping to push automation throughout the company. I also seek out new trends and technologies and investigate whether we should use them at Helvetia and what added value they could offer us.

What is the most exciting thing about your job?

There are many! To find the best possible solutions for automation projects, I communicate with lots of different people – both internally and externally. Thanks to my experience, I can introduce different perspectives and problem-solving methods. This results in conversations that are like a detective story – we don't know at the beginning how it will end.

Then there is also the topic of robotics, which I have taken on. This area of technology is increasingly gaining a foothold in the insurance industry and will bring about exciting changes in the coming years. We want to be at the forefront in this area.

What challenges do you face in your work?

They really vary. On the one hand, I have to deal with constant change – which isn't always easy of course. On the other, the speed of technological innovation is impressive. So the art lies in demonstrating, in a highly transparent way, which innovations are the real deal and how the future could look. This motivates me and inspires me to take on something new.

What motivates you personally?

I am an inquisitive person and like to know how things work. So I like to get to the bottom of things and keep on learning.

Through my three areas of work – consulting, coaching and technology scouting – I want to make a substantial value contribution towards implementing the strategy and helping Helvetia get ahead.

What does "&Go" mean to you in your daily work?

I search for new trends and methods that are not yet the standard in the business landscape, explore and document the potential areas in which a technology could be used, with my imagination and in conversations with business experts, and then present this to management to motivate the adoption of these technologies. This allows Helvetia to keep in with the best in the industry, both operationally and strategically, by innovating actively.

And what's more ...

… I breathe new life into VW buses by converting them into camper vans and travel far and wide to discover exciting places.


With Helvetia since:

July 2018


  • Head Competence Center Automatisierung
  • Projekt- und Prozessmanagement im Business and IT

Professional background:

  • Commercial training
  • Project and Process Management in Business and IT

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