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Hanging out with ... Joël Wickli

Joël Wickli

What is your job at Helvetia?

I am a scrum master, solution architect and software engineer in the Front-End Solutions CMS team. I help our team to put together the Helvetia website and also make sure that the Helvetia guidelines are observed in the design of the public webpages.

What is exciting about it?

What's interesting about web development is the proximity and intensive interaction with the users. The use of agile development methods really helps us a lot to respond quickly and efficiently to requirements and wishes. New technologies in the front-end area are developing rapidly. Just to be allowed to be here and learn more almost daily is wonderful for me.

What challenges do you face in your work?

Using the new technologies in the front end in such a way that they add value for everyone. Many underestimate what it takes to recognize and understand what the customer really wants. It requires an understanding of the customer and lots of coordination work. Always with the goal in sight of building up and promoting digital customer experiences.

What motivates you personally?

When the customer is happy with our solution and it can be used in way that is beneficial to everyone. I enjoy learning about new technologies and applying them. This motivates me particularly, and I get to do it almost daily.

What does "&Go" mean to you? Why is "&Go" important for Helvetia?

For me "&Go" means having the courage to experiment with new stuff and to learn from it continuously and, particularly, tackling the great challenges of the digital transformation with agility and innovation. That's why I think "&Go" is important to Helvetia. The trust that is placed in the employees helps to them to drive the rapid change together.

And what's more ...

... I am a passionate snowboarder. In winter, I love being outdoors in deep snow, looking for the best routes down the slope.

I am also a member of the Speer ski club in Ebnat Kappel in the Toggenburg region and support the local association.


With Helvetia since:

June 2014


Scrum Master & Solution Architect

Professional background:

  • Apprenticeship as an electronic technician
  • Certified technician HF media technology
  • MAS Business Information Management

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