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Hanging out with ... Juan Ortega

Juan Ortega

What is your job at Helvetia?

I am in charge of the Data Centre & Connectivity team. Our task is to design IT solutions in the areas of networking, network security and the data centre.

What is exciting about it?

Because the IT network is always the basis for all IT activities, we come into contact with other departments and projects daily. This gives us insight into the various business units, revealing interesting facets of daily business of Helvetia. With communication increasingly moving to multi-media, it requires new ways of thinking about working together. So the solutions for this must be carefully thought through and coordinated across the board.

We are also taking a DevOps approach to network security which means that engineering and operations are on the same team and work together closely. This is very exciting and rewarding!

What motivates you personally?

The knowledge and experience that nothing is permanent, especially in IT, and that everything can be improved and changed continuously. As the Chinese saying goes: When the winds of change blow, some build walls, others build windmills.

What does "&Go" mean to you?

With "&Go" I receive the support and freedom from my managers to think differently and take a different path even if I encounter crosswinds.

For example, I can question the circumstances (structures, processes, technologies, etc.) in my area and introduce changes with pragmatic new/other/future-oriented solution approaches.

These solutions do not have to be the perfect and final solution right from the start (= remember the famous egg-laying wool and milk sow that was also supposed to be able to fly!). They can also "just" be a step in the "right" direction. By continuously making improvements and enhancements in line with the Helvetia strategy, we get better and better.

And what's more ...

... I am the part-owner of a comics shop in Basel, had an advisory role in the Batman graphic novel "The Dark Prince Charming" and even had a small role in it (as a star attorney for celebrities!).


With Helvetia since:

May 2017


Team Leader Data Centre & Connectivity

Professional background:

  • Incomplete Matura (maths and natural sciences)
  • Apprenticeship as a draughtsperson for heating systems, including vocational secondary school (majoring in design)
  • Mechanical engineer HTL, majoring in economics, and process management especially
  • Team leader (local, regional and global) to single group in various IT areas (identity & access management, voice/IP telephony, process management, networking)
  • Service Management: Problem Management, Service Catalogue and Asset Management Executive, IT Sourcing Process

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