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Hanging out with ... Marco Inniger

Marco Inniger

What is your job at Helvetia?

I am studying for the iCompetence degree course at FHNW in Brugg-Windisch while working part-time. I will graduate in 2021. During this time I am working on the AMS – Application Management Services – team at Helvetia. I support my team in areas such as change management, system administration and communication as well as administrative matters.

What excites you about this? Where do you see challenges?

I like not having a fixed daily routine. I get great insights into the systems, am involved in processes and can benefit from the team's wealth of experience. The challenge I see is in having to prioritize.

What are your expectations?

More than anything, I want to gain as much practical experience and operational knowledge as possible so I want to be challenged, for example, by being part of a project from start to end.

What motivates you personally?

After I complete my degree, I could well imagine that I will develop my career as a project leader. At Helvetia, I can set myself up for this and gain as much practical experience as possible. That is why I am deliberately taking my degree as a working student.

Why is "&Go" important for Helvetia?

These days, companies and their employees have to overcome challenges that are increasingly changing. "&Go" encourages employees to be proactive and take responsibility for themselves. This contributes significantly to employee-driven innovation and finding contemporary solutions to constantly changing requirements.

What are the positives at Helvetia?

Before my studies I worked at an SME. The pathways there were shorter but the hierarchies at Helvetia are significantly flatter. I receive the support and flexibility I need within my team and also beyond it, which I take as a positive.

And what's more ...

... when I am not at uni or working, I am usually doing some kind of sport: unihockey, Thai boxing or jogging.


With Helvetia since:

August 2018


SAP Application Management Services

Professional background:

  • Apprenticeship as an electronic technician
  • Budding BSc IT in iCompetence

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