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Symbol image – Daniel Dux
Symbol image – Daniel Dux
We develop the target vision for the IT landscape in all dimensions of the architecture and use the latest technologies in the company.

What are your areas of work?

Connecting a chatbot, updating our core applications, networking with ecosystems using open APIs or integrating AI technologies – all these challenges require an architectural basis. In the Architecture department we aim to develop the Helvetia IT landscape in such a way that it can be implemented quickly, flexibly and purposefully.

In order to be able to plan and control the many aspects of digital transformation, we must first get a fully transparent view of the existing IT landscape. For this we have an architecture repository in which we manage over 900 applications, 2,000 interfaces and 500 technical software components. Perseverance and automation are required to keep it up-to-date and complete!

How do you work?

Together with other disciplines, we develop target visions that are in line with our strategic priorities for individual areas in our IT landscape. To avoid reinventing the wheel again and again, we provide our solution architects with principles, standards and guidelines so that they can develop efficient and effective solution architectures for their projects. We regularly exchange ideas within an architecture community and take joint decisions about any cross-departmental areas.

Where do you see your value contribution?

We help to elaborate the details of the target visions and their implementation in large strategic projects to make sure that these projects will make their contribution to the Helvetia strategy. To provide added value in these projects, we have to cover a broad spectrum of specialist and technical knowledge while considering a large number of aspects.

What are you looking forward to?

When a large number of projects fundamentally change and upgrade the IT landscape over the next few years the Architecture department will be at the centre of things. The speed and dynamics of the change present us with daily challenges. But we enjoy the privilege of learning new things every day and keeping up-to-date on the latest trends.

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