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Corporate IT So­lu­tions

Symbol image – Fabio Attili
Symbol image – Fabio Attili
We advise the business on the use of existing and future IT resources to optimize the business processes.

What exactly do you do?

We are the troublemakers.

As the main actors in the cross-systems domain, we are the "troublemakers" within Helvetia IT. We create value across the entire company, both within Switzerland as well as some of the Helvetia country units, with solutions that we either develop in-house or buy in from outside. We support Helvetia's shared services – such as Finance, Investments, Actuarial Services, Human Resources and Legal & Compliance. The core business units also benefit from our services, however, whether for reinsurance, customer relationship management or the continuous processing of information flows, from input to output, end-to-end, from customer to customer.

How do you do this?

We are constantly exploring the options on the market and looking for innovations with which we can digitally handle end-to-end business processes even better. We specialize in implementing standard software and adapting it to our requirements. For this we use conventional on-premise integrations and new cloud services, whether they are SaaS, PaaS or IaaS. We are also continuously reinventing ourselves through real lifecycle processes.

Because we also travel to other countries, we have established effective collaboration models across organizational and national boundaries. Appropriate sourcing models at various levels enable us to scale up without putting a strain on the budget.

We drive innovation with an end-to-end perspective across all business processes. Our recipe for success: leadership, change and project management, coordination and integration skills combined with knowledge of the digitalization potential of technology as well as business expertise.

What are your challenges?

We don't enter into discussions on methodologies, and whether to work conventionally or with the agile method. As IT troublemakers with services for all areas and country units we need to be able to play in every game. Whether it's a regulatory project for new invoicing standards with a fixed deadline and content or innovative ideas for fully automated black box processing with ongoing enhancements – we can assist everywhere.

What are your highlights?

As is typical of troublemakers, we have a broad field of activity and many opportunities to implement innovative ideas. Across the entire Helvetia landscape, and across all projects and areas. We are increasing the level of automation in the core business through intelligent input management, nearshoring SAP in Eastern Europe in order to be able scale up better and more cost-effectively and replacing legacy on-premise systems with SaaS solutions in the cloud. And so much more. In close collaboration with our business.

When we needed to evaluate proposals for the new sales platform for Switzerland, we ran a hackathon. Instead of selecting the software provider in a tedious evaluation process, we got each provider to implement user stories in a one-week sprint and then compared them. No endless slide presentations, no massive evaluation catalogue, the whole thing was live, and our business customers and the software vendors were all right there. We were in the midst of it all, not just on the sidelines. It was intense but a great new experience for everyone involved!

By working with Helvetia's national companies as well as our sourcing and nearshoring partners, our employees come into contact with people across the whole of Europe, and can learn about the various cultures within Helvetia as well as different national cultures. Travelling every now and again, arranging meetings in European cities, designing solutions with colleagues in other countries – troublemaking is fun!

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