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CTO Office

Symbol image – Daniel Dux
Symbol image – Daniel Dux
We are all about strategy, processes and human capital management.

Who are you?

All the strands of the IT departments run together here. As a cross-departmental function, we in the CTO Office are responsible for the strategic, procedural and cultural development of the entire Helvetia IT organization.

What are the topics you deal with?

Our field of work is very broad:

The IT Business Alignment & Strategy team plays an active part in the development of the core strategy and is the overall lead in operationalizing the IT strategy as well as measuring the value added by IT to the company. Furthermore, the team acts as a strategic partner to the specialist units through the TechBusinessPartner community. The objective is to advance the digitalization and innovativeness of Helvetia.

In the IT Operating Model and Processes team we provide an end-to-end perspective of IT service provision and highlight optimization potential. We are responsible for the Helvetia IT operating model and the processes with which we create an effective and efficient context to raise the performance of the IT unit and support Helvetia's business processes optimally with IT services.

Our employees in the IT Human Capital & Change Management team are responsible for skills management and strategic personnel planning in IT, attracting talent as well developing and planning the careers of the IT employees in a targeted way together with Human Resources. We also support change initiatives both in terms of content and communication.

What sets you apart?

We see ourselves as pioneers for new collaboration models which we try out in a fail & learn process. We encourage experiments, put them into action and try to anchor the successes within IT.

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