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Front End So­lu­tion

Symbol image – Kyra Walti
Symbol image – Kyra Walti
We are setting up operations for the HELIX platform including Openshift and Kafka.

What exactly do you do?

We are a team of IT artists who are working to create web-based applications, pack them into containers and – once they are in the cloud – manage them in away that is ideal for the customers and the business. From developing good ideas to taking care of operations, we develop simple and robust solutions together with our business partners.

How do you do this?

By testing ideas in prototypes at an early stage, we can make our clients happy and, what's more, excite them with new things. This is because, in these sometimes complex projects, we embark on a journey – in close coordination with customers and clients – in which errors and mistakes are allowed, and which offers the freedom to experiment so that everyone can try out their ideas.

So we are already thinking today about the world of tomorrow. To achieve this we use technology platforms like Kafka, Angular, Microservices and OpenShift and practices such as Scrum and DevOps which give us the freedom to do magic as IT artists. And working with the agile methodology helps us to deliver robust results while collaborating flexibly.

What are your challenges?

Proven ideas are quickly adopted into daily business. We are good at that. We are currently working on digital solutions for private pension businesses. Our challenge is to question the conventional and rethink the business models in the insurance sector in view of continuously increasing technological possibilities. We also manage to take a broader perspective beyond the insurance sector and are researching ways to network insurance services with the services of other sectors.

What are your highlights?

The online quote calculators we developed are the first milestone on the journey into the increasingly digital world. We can also write web applications for booking insurance services, for example, as required, or for ordering printed materials. They not only work but they look good too!

User experience and customer journey are aspects to which we pay more than peripheral attention. We place the customer at the centre. Especially when it comes to solutions we implement ourselves. Then the challenge lies in pre-empting problems before the customer notices them.

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