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Service Ma­nage­ment

Symbol image – Florian Nägele
Symbol image – Florian Nägele
Our motto is service excellence. We provide services and manage them throughout their entire lifecycle.

Who are you?

Everything in IT is service-oriented and we in the Service Management department are the service personnel. While others are artists and acrobats, we are the organizers and coordinators who ensure that the show has an audience and the right context.

What exactly do you do?

We put together the IT products and individual parts and create the menu for the users. The service catalogue shows exactly what IT has on offer.

In order for us to do this, we have to know the specialist units and their requirements really well and to orchestrate and control the correct connections to IT. We also know the outside world and what the competition is up to by networking with other companies and actively taking part in events to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

We develop strategies, concepts and projects with the aim of placing our service recipients at the centre. Service-oriented IT is the work of the future!

Who does what in your area?

Our professional Sourcing & Procurement team maintains the supplier directory, keeps up with the supplier landscape and the best prices and knows how to design, implement and negotiate good and intelligent tender processes.

The service desk is THE hub for IT queries. The service desk agents have to know the entire portfolio and have a solution ready for problems in the shortest time possible. A chatbot at the Service Desk, data and analytics in the applications as well as dashboards, reports and intelligent Q&A help to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

"It's all about money!" We manage the IT budget and calculate every service: unit prices, staff costs, consultants, licences, hardware, cloud services etc. We do more than "just" IT controlling: we provide scenarios and figures for use cases. We recognize potential for optimization and can show measures for optimizing costs. We create service excellence overviews which reveal the added value of our services.

Quality is crucial. In the Testing Competence Centre we lay the foundations for excellent service quality. We define the strategy, tool set and process for testing, manage the testing projects and provide service quality dashboards. We analyse queries arising from projects and develop an appropriate testing concept together with the project team.

The service catalogue is key: The Service Integration and Orchestration team manages the service catalogue. They know all the business areas and understand the requirements. They put together, maintain and develop the service catalogue which, as the basis of all IT services, makes these services transparent and accessible. Yes, this is the beating heart of IT. It shows who provides which services and at what cost. We connect internal IT units and external suppliers into a usable service. Here we control important processes such as change, release and service portfolio management.

And don't forget: one important factor in our work is change management. We change the way people work together internally and thereby change the corporate culture as well. At least within IT as well as between IT and the specialist units. IT must be regarded as an equitable partner, on an equal footing.

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