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Broad-based cyber attacks: measures for SMEs

The USA and the UK are currently warning of broad-based cyber attacks. The victims are increasingly private individuals as well as governments. Helvetia cyber insurance experts recommend five measures to help SMEs reduce the risk of cyber attacks.
17.04.2018 | Media releases
The current cyber attack is targeting routers in particular. The victims are private individuals as well as governments and institutions. Employees working from home are  increasingly the subject of these attacks. These private routers are then used to attack government offices. Christoph Guntersweiler, Helvetia Cyber Insurance Manager, explains: "Companies in particular have to protect themselves as best they can against these types of attacks." He recommends: "In the event of this type of attack, the two key measures are that companies keep their virus scanners up to date and continuously update their software."
5 tips against cyber attacks
Helvetia has compiled 5 tips on how to minimize the cyber risks:
  • Back your data up daily
  • Implement technical protection measures (e.g. firewalls or virus scanners) and keep these up to date.
  • Maintain a patch and update management system to ensure your programs are always up to date.
  • Protect your data with safe passwords. Encrypt sensitive data.
  • Train your employees regarding cyber risks.
Helvetia supports SMEs
Helvetia has published a checklist for SMEs on its website. "In the event of this type of attack, even these measures cannot offer 100% security" says Guntersweiler. Helvetia launched Cyber Insurance in January 2018 to cover the risks incurred by SMEs. This insurance protects an SME against a number of risks relating to digital data and software. Helvetia is also engaging in dialogue with SMEs on cyber risk-related topics. Because as soon as you address the issue you will be better prepared in the event of an attack and can react faster and with targeted solutions.
Infographic: Checklist for protection against cyber risks

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