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Economic commitment

Helvetia supports charitable projects and organizations for the benefit of the economy.
Economy and society

Commitment to economic organizations and projects

St. Gallen University Student Union

Helvetia is a sponsor of the Student Union of the University of St. Gallen (SHSG) which is based on voluntary student engagement. It not only represents the students’ interests but also provides important services.

For more information, please go to

Institute of Insurance Economics

In addition to the SHSG, Helvetia also supports the Institute of Insurance Economics at the University of St. Gallen (I.VW-HSG). Internationally known for its risk and insurance management expertise, the Institute takes an interdisciplinary approach, cooperating with HSG institutes and other universities in the areas of research, consulting and further education.

Find out more about the Institute at:

WDA World Ageing & Generations Congress

Helvetia sponsors the WDA Forum which works with specific issues such as demographic change and population development in the 21st century. Founded in 2002, the forum works at regional, national and international levels.

More information is available at:

SME Day St. Gallen

Helvetia sponsors the Swiss SME Day. This national conference puts the spotlight on small and medium-sized enterprises. It explores current and future topics and their challenges from economic, political, societal and scientific perspectives.

More about SME Day (only in German) can be found at:

Esprix Excellence Suisse

Helvetia supports ESPRIX Excellence Suisse (EFQM), an independent institution that promotes national and international performance with a business model that helps entrepreneurs and business leaders to respond to their challenges.

Find out more (only in German or French) at:

Sommet Économique Helvetia

Helvetia supports the Annual General Meeting of the Valais Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This organization is committed to strong, sustainable development of the economy in the Valais region.

Find out more at:

Swiss Insurance Association SVV

Helvetia sponsors SVV which supports Swiss insurance companies. SVV creates the required optimum framework conditions for insurance companies with the aim of generating a sustainable solution for people and business.

Find out more about SVV at