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Dealing with climate change

Helvetia is committed to protecting the climate and environment. Developing into a low-carbon economy requires joint action – including for the benefit of our customers.
Kristine Schulze
«Climate protection is part of our core business. As of 2018, Helvetia is a CO2-neutral company.»
Kristine Schulze, Head Corporate Responsibility Helvetia Group

Helvetia is pursuing a long-term strategy for climate protection. It formulates our claim as a responsible insurance company and defines focuses for the next few years. Since 2012, we have been recording and reducing the environmental impact of our own business activities. Our actions range from avoiding and reducing emissions, such as by using more energy-efficient fleet vehicles, to switching to lower CO2 alternatives, such as purchasing electricity from renewable sources.

Climate change affects all of us. For example, increasing temperatures cause an increase in heavy rainfall. This will also affect many private customers in Switzerland who have not yet taken sufficient precautions. More extreme weather conditions will continue to intensify the social inequalities in developing and emerging countries. It requires joint effort to anticipate, reduce and avoid climate risks. Helvetia is looking to interact and cooperate with companies and organisations to manage these challenges.

Not all greenhouse gas emissions can be avoided today. However, we want to live up to our responsibility and are therefore making a voluntary CO2 compensation contribution for our remaining emissions.