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Mobility management at Helvetia

Transport causes more than two thirds of Helvetia’s CO2 footprint in Switzerland. That is why we value sustainable mobility management highly.

Business trips and trips to customers are part of Helvetia’s daily business. Our employees are encouraged to use public transport for business trips in principle and can also borrow e-bikes at the head offices for short business journeys. By using video conference technology, we were not only able to improve communication among employees, but were also able to reduce the amount of travelling. Moreover, Helvetia has made it possible for employees to work flexibly independent of location for up to two working days per week. This reduces travel for our 3400 employees in Switzerland, who would otherwise drive or ride to the office and home again every day by bicycle, train, bus or car. At all large locations, Helvetia offers bicycle parking facilities, cloakrooms and showers for commuters. We also support the use of public transport for commuting thanks to discounted season tickets. The goal of such actions is to reduce CO2 emissions and enable employees to travel in an economical, stress-free and environmentally friendly way.