Offers for cross-border com­muters

Your contact at Helvetia in Germany is the insurance office of Markus Späth – profit from the attractive preferential offer from Helvetia Germany for cross-border commuters taking out insurance policies for private customers.

Helvetia direct insurance: the intelligent way for cross-border commuters to save taxes!

Live in Germany and work in Switzerland. Take advantage now of the benefits of direct insurance for cross-border commuters. As a cross-border commuter in Switzerland you only benefit from the first two pillars of the Swiss pension system. The 3rd pillar, a voluntary form of provision that enjoys tax incentives, is only available to employees who live in Switzerland.

The Regional Finance Office in Karlsruhe has now reacted to this problem. As a German cross-border commuter in Switzerland you can now make use of the direct insurance, which is subject to tax incentives, in Germany (pursuant to Art. 3 no. 63 Income Tax Act). Direct insurance for cross-border commuters offers the opportunity to deduct contributions of up to EUR 6,768 made during the year (2022) from taxes so as to offset the gap between net income and the state pension with minimum effort. Only later payments would be taxed.

Here, you have a choice:Regardless of which type of investor you are, Helvetia offers you as a cross-border commuter the possibility of choosing either a security-oriented investment with a fixed guaranteed rate of interest and a purely unit-linked investment with a possibility of higher returns.

As a cross-border commuter you benefit as follows:
As an AVR member you enjoy preferential conditions.
Your pension gap in retirement is reduced.
You can build up retirement provisions with tax-free contributions.
The tax incentive is implemented via the income tax declaration or by reducing the advance tax payment.
As a cross-border commuter you, like your Swiss colleagues, receive retirement provisions subject to additional incentives.