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Trojan Emotet and Ryuk ransomware attack companies

Companies are currently under threat from the Trojan Emotet. It spreads easily, through e-mail links or attachments. This malware is particularly dangerous as it attacks with other malware programs such as the ransomware Ryuk. Take preventive measures to protect your business from cyber attacks.

30 January 2019, author: Natascha Fabian, photo: Helvetia

A man and a woman are discussing cyber attacks.
Cyber criminals are attacking companies using Emotet, currently the most dangerous malware program. Protect your company and raise awareness among your employees.

The malware Emotet is currently one of the most dangerous cyber threats in the world – especially since it enables other malware programs to be downloaded subsequently. One of these is the ransomware Ryuk. This malware program is designed to not only encrypt data but also delete back-up copies. 

Emotet spreads via e-mails

The Trojan Emotet mainly spreads via e-mail attachments and files on websites which can be accessed using links in e-mails. Microsoft Office files in particular are carriers of this Trojan. Our tip: Never open unsolicited e-mail attachments or download any data from websites that you have accessed using a link in an e-mail. This also applies if the sender of the e-mail is (or appears to be) someone you know. This is because Emotet uses the address books of infected victims, containing their customers, suppliers and even personal friends, in order to spread the malware. If you are unsure, ask the sender whether the e-mail was genuine. 

Preventive measures

One vital measure is to make sure that employees are trained to be able to recognize dangerous e-mails. Our free security training sessions will help you raise awareness among your employees. The following preventive measures will also help you protect your business: 

  1. Make sure that you have installed the latest Windows security updates and patches.
  2. Regularly create back-ups that are stored in a location separate from the network system.
  3. Install technical security measures such as virus scanners, firewalls, etc.