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Advice for start-ups: from your business idea to a successful start-up

Startups and fledging companies
Startups and fledging companies
All beginnings are difficult – but fortune favours the brave. Helvetia helps fledgling companies along their road to success with useful tips about the start-up scene.

Ready to launch your own company

Innovation always involves taking risks. Especially in early phases of a company launch, young entrepreneurs and founders have to grapple with risks and uncertainty. However, this early phase also offers many chances and opportunities, and it is essential to keep a close eye on them. Helvetia has put together various tips to help young entrepreneurs and new business owners to seize opportunities along their path, starting from a business idea and company launch to a successful young enterprise.

Insurance for start-ups

Protect yourself and your business partners against potential risks. Helvetia offers young business owners a 50% discount on different types of insurance.

The right mindset for company founders

Entrepreneurs are everywhere

Anyone can become an entrepreneur and create his or her own start-up. Trust in your strengths.

Work smarter not harder

Don’t ask yourself how to build a product. Ask why a product or service should be developed and how it can be transformed into a sustainable business.


Agile development means constantly leaning from experience. Build, measure and learn from your experiences to reduce risks.

Helvetia Venture Fund – impressions gained from working with start-ups