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SME business insurance


With Helvetia business insurance, Helvetia is by your side as your partner. Our effective and flexible security package provides you with scope to shape your company’s future.

  • Systematic risk analysis with expert general advice
  • Free legal information on all questions and free collection information in connection with your own receivables
  • Up to 14% combination discount upon conclusion of several insurance products
  • 24-hour SOS hotline
  • Needs-based insurance coverage

There are often not enough hours in the day for your workload: the customer expects optimum products and services. The market demands constant adjustments. The pace of all processes is increasing. And your competitors are on the ball, too. In short, there’s no time to give any thought to all eventualities.

Yet it’s precisely these that can jeopardise your efforts suddenly and unexpectedly. Protect your business in good time with an insurance programme tailored precisely to your risk profile: Helvetia Business insurance for SMEs covers your back so that you can focus on your core business.

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