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Hel­vetia Invest­ment Foun­dation

Key figures
Prices and performances
performance sheet
Quarterly report current
Annual reports
Total assets
CHF 886.8 million (valid as at 31.03.2018)
Number of investment groups

Swiss Shares Smart Beta Dynamic

Swiss Shares index-linked / Global Shares index-linked

Swiss Bonds index-linked / Global Bonds index-linked

LOB-Mix / LOB-Mix Plus 30

Swiss Real Estate

Romandie Real Estate

General information
Foundation year
Board of foundation
Donald Desax; Dr. Brigitte Guggisberg; Walter Heidelberger; Thomas Hoffmann; Jürg Rieder; Tony Ronchi
Foundation management
Dr. Dunja Schwander; Marco Ipser (Stv.)
Purpose of the foundation
The joint investment and management of the pension assets entrusted to it by the founders and co-founders.
Investment philosophy
specialisation in indexed investment groups
Investment documents
investment guidelines
Custodian bank

BNP Paribas Securities Services, Zurich

Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd, Basel

Notenstein La Roche Private Bank Ltd, St. Gallen

Bank Vontobel AG, Zurich

Supervisory authority
superintendence of the occupational benefit scheme (OAK BV), Berne
BDO Ltd, Zurich
Additional information
Legal documents
Foundation principles
rules and regulations
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