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Helvetia LOB Invest Group Foundation

Key figures
Annual reports 2016
Interest on old-age saving 2018

compulsory: 1.00%

supplementary: 1.00%

Conversion rates from 2016
Pool investments

coverage rate

asset Allocation


Generl information
Board of foundation The board of foundation of Helvetia BVG Invest consists of an equal number of employer and employee representatives of the associated companies (pension funds). Elections are held every five years.
Pension model Semi-autonomous solution in which the risk benefits death and disability are guaranteed by Helvetia Insurance. The age risk is borne by the foundation itself.
Foundation management Helvetia Insurance, Basel
Investment management Helvetia Investment Foundation, Basel
Supervisory authority cantonal or regional office for the supervision of vested benefits
Auditors KPMG, Zurich
Pension fund actuary BERAG, Beratungsstelle für die 2. Säule AG, Basel
Additional information

Helvetia LOB Invest Group Foundation - information sheet

board of trustees - information sheet

Our pension solution Helvetia LOB invest
Legal documents
In the following you will find all the legal documents that govern the different legal relationships of Helvetia LOB Invest Group Foundation:
Legal relationship with employees

general regulation provisions 01/2018

general regulation provisions 01/2017

Legal relationship with companies

sample contract of association

(The foundation instrument as well as the costs, organisation rules and election rules form an integral part of the contract of association.)

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