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Facts and figures of the Hel­vetia Pris­ma Group Foun­dation

The Helvetia Prisma Group Foundation, which was founded in 1984, offers individual solutions in cadre and supplementary insurance. A cadre employee benefit scheme solution from Helvetia covers the additional requirements of employees with special pension needs: In most cases these are management employees, whose benefit coverage often contains considerable gaps, owing to their higher salary.
General key figures
Annual reports
2019 2018 Archiv
Active insured
4'979 4'823  
Retirement pensioners 403 398  
Associated companies 871 889  
Retirement savings interest rates
  2020, guaranteed 2019, guaranteed + interest surplus
– supplementary 0.25% 0.25% + 0.75%, total 1.00%

The interest surplus is determined annually in the autumn and credited on 01.01. of the following year.

Legal documents
The currently valid legal documents that govern the different legal relationships of Helvetia Prisma Group Foundation can be found here below.
The General Regulation Provisions have been revised and made clearer and more readable. The annexes to the General Regulation Provisions (organization and partial liquidation regulations) are also managed as separate regulations. The numbering in benefit plans issued before 01.01.2020 may therefore differ from the numbering in General Regulation Provisions issued at a later date. In such cases, please refer to the subject sections. 

Legal relationship with employees

general regulation provisions – occupational benefits with retirement capital

general regulation provisions – occupational benefits with retirement pension

organization rules

partial liquidation rules

Legal relationship with companies

sample contract of association

(The foundation instrument as well as the costs, organisation rules and election rules form an integral part of the contract of association.)

General information
Foundation year
Board of foundation

Andreas Lindner (Präsident); Vittorio Bruno (Vizepräsident); Bernhard Aerni; Marc Hürzeler.

Election Rules

Pension model
Full insurance solution for the cadre employee benefit scheme in which
the age, death and disability risks are borne in full by Helvetia
Insurance. Capital protection with an interest guarantee is provided.
Foundation management
Helvetia Versicherungen, Basel
Investment management
Helvetia Versicherungen, Basel
Supervisory authority
cantonal or regional office for the supervision of vested benefits
KPMG, Zürich
Pension fund actuary
Dipeka AG, Basel
Additional information

security occupational benefit scheme – information sheet

board of trustees – information sheet

Our pension solution
Helvetia cadre employee benefit scheme
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