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LOB invest


A company’s employee benefit scheme has a lot to do with trust. For the second pillar for your staff, you should rely on a trusted partner such as Helvetia LOB Invest, the semi-autonomous collective foundation from Helvetia.

  • Joint investment of all pension fund assets according to the latest findings
  • Attractive potential returns, low asset management costs and inflation protection, thanks to a high proportion of real values
  • Thanks to attractive payment methods, your liquidity planning remains flexible
  • Asset management by the specialists for indexed investment vehicles: the Helvetia Investment Foundation

Swiss occupational benefit scheme with potential returns!

Helvetia LOB Invest: optimized investments, with transparency and efficiency

The Helvetia LOB Invest pooled investment offers all the advantages of a modern occupational benefit scheme. Through careful analysis of the operational environment, you can benefit from needs-based pension solutions with potential returns. You as a client benefit not only from a considerably lower administrative and therefore cost burden, but also from the optimized investment strategy of pooled investment. Transparency and low asset management costs make this solution even more attractive. Online access to the contract data of the occupational benefit scheme offers you independence as a client.

With this model, the complex functions of occupational benefit schemes are dealt with by professional partners: Helvetia at the managerial level and for insuring the risks of death and disability among active employees, and the Helvetia Investment Foundation for the management of committed old-age savings. This brings together the necessary competences of legally independent partners who are experienced and successful in their specialist areas – to the benefit of your company and your employees.

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