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Cadre employee benefit scheme

Cadre insurance occupational benefits covers employees' additional pension requirements. The employees in question generally have management roles and earn higher salaries, so they need correspondingly higher benefits in order to offset any pension shortfalls.
Opportunities for additional profit through surpluses
A useful recruitment instru­ment in a highly competitive labour market
Expenses for the cadre em­ployee benefit scheme are deductible from the compa­ny’s taxable income
Company owners can insure themselves as well and enjoy additional benefits and tax breaks
A separate contract for the cadre employee benefit scheme enables the desired discretion
Cost-effective pension cover thanks to collective insuran­ce contract
An ideal and flexible sup­ple­ment to basic occupa­tional benefits

Why is a cadre employee benefit scheme advisable?

This type of insurance is geared to companies that do not have their own pension fund, but appreciate the advantages of cadre insurance. It enables them to enhance as required the occupational benefits of higher-paid management employees. A tailor-made cadre employee benefit scheme enables company owners to make up the pension shortfalls of their managers and enhance their loyalty to the company.

A cadre employee benefit scheme is the centrepiece of sustainable personnel policy. It ensures cadre members receive more generous occupational benefits to supplement their LOB minimum benefits. In this way, it is possible to provide this group of employees with bespoke insurance: special financing models can be agreed, for instance, and additional benefit components integrated in the cover to match the precise needs of a certain category of employees.

A brief guide to cadre insurance

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