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Facts and figures of the Helvetia Prisma Group Foundation

Founded in 1984, the Helvetia Prisma Group Foundation offers tailored solutions in the areas of cadre and supplementary occupational pension provision.

Conversion rates

All information on the conversion rates is available for download here.

Conversion rates 2022/2023
Conversion rates 2024

Legal documents

Video – Pension fund regulations

The currently valid legal documents that govern the different legal relationships of Helvetia Prisma Group Foundation can be found here below:

The General Regulation Provisions have been revised and made clearer and more readable. The annexes to the General Regulation Provisions (organization and partial liquidation regulations) are also managed as separate regulations. The numbering in benefit plans issued before 01.01.2020 may therefore differ from the numbering in General Regulation Provisions issued at a later date. In such cases, please refer to the subject sections.

Legal relationship with employees

General regulation provisions – occupational benefits with retirement capital
General regulation provisions – occupational benefits with retirement pension
Organization rules
Partial liquidation rules

Legal relationship with companies

Sample contract of association (The foundation instrument as well as the costs, organisation rules and election rules form an integral part of the contract of association)

General information
Foundation year
Board of foundation

Marc Hürzeler (President)
Philipp Hauser (Vice President)
Hans-Martin Riehle
Albert Streit

Pension model
Full insurance solution for the cadre employee benefit sche­me in which the age, death and disability risks are borne in full by Helvetia Insurance. Capital protection with an interest guarantee is provi­ded.
Foundation manage­ment
Helvetia Insurance, Basel
Investment manage­ment
Helvetia Insurance, Basel
Supervisory autho­rity
Cantonal or regional office for the supervision of vested benefits
KPMG, Zürich
Pension fund actuary
Dipeka AG, Basel

Payment details:

Credit Suisse (Switzerland) AG, 8070 Zurich

IBAN-No.: CH50 0483 5038 3950 6100 0
In favour of: Helvetia Swiss Life Insurance Company Ltd (KL), St. Alban-Anlage 26, 4002 Basel