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Property insurance

Property insurance
Property insurance

Property insurance for businesses: Protects inventory and goods

Unforeseen events, such as fire, storm or flooding, malicious damage or theft usually cause major damage to inventory, equipment and goods. This is where property insurance comes in, guaranteeing that the business is properly insured even in the event of severe setbacks.

Helvetia’s services at a glance

  • Comprehensive insurance protection for goods and equipment
  • Cover for a host of unforeseen events
  • Payment of lost income and additional expenditures in the event of business interruption
  • Payment of follow-up costs (such as risk-mitigating measures and psychological after-care)
  • Option of extending cover to include all risks and simple theft
  • Risk analysis and professional, comprehensive advice
  • 24-hour assistance in emergencies

Why is property insurance advisable?

No business should be without property insurance. As well as the devastating financial consequences of direct damage to goods and inventory, natural hazards such as storm or high water almost invariably cause an interruption to business operations. The loss of revenue then incurs further costs. Helvetia’s insurance covers both, ensuring that the business can continue to operate.

A brief guide to property insurance

What damage does the insurance cover?

Generally, property insurance protects all goods and covers additional expenditures as well as loss of income if business operations are interrupted. The following are covered in the event of a claim:

  • Rented and leased items
  • Precautions for new acquisitions
  • Outdoor materials storage
  • Cash values
  • Valuables
  • Food in the event of the failure of refrigeration equipment
  • Animal feeds
  • Agricultural products and stocks
  • Agricultural trailers and attachments
  • Items on construction sites (e.g. tools and the like)
  • Own vehicles or vehicles held as merchandise
  • Customer vehicles

Property insurance also covers all movable items. In regard to goods, this includes raw materials, semi-finished and finished products as well as operating materials and merchandise. The insured equipment includes furniture, utensils, machinery and IT equipment.

As well as the follow-up costs of disposal, cleaning and data restoration, the insurance also covers third-party items temporarily entrusted to the policyholder.

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Which other products complement property insurance?

As property insurance only covers movable goods, it is important to supplement the insurance protection with additional cover, to achieve a holistic solution. With this in mind, business insurance for SMEs combines a number of products in a single policy:

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