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Public and professional liability

Public and professional liability
Public and professional liability

Public and professional liability insurance: well insured

Liability insurance protects companies and the self-employed against compensation claims by third parties in the event of bodily injury, property damage and financial loss. In serious cases, claims like these can entail heavy financial losses. Public and professional liability insurance pays compensation for third-party claims and protects employees.

Helvetia's services at a glance

  • Insurance protection with comprehensive basic insurance
  • Product liability tailored to individual needs
  • Liability insurance geared specifically to cyber risks and data protection
  • Risk analysis with professional, comprehensive advice
  • Liability Plus for unforeseen events

Why is Public and professional liability insurance advisable?

No matter how careful you are, mistakes happen, and can cause serious damage – be it to people, property or financial assets. Even simple things, such as the wrong replacement part, an unmarked wet floor, faulty goods or delivering the wrong products can prove costly if you don't have liability cover. Moreover, the enhanced product liability insurance insures recall costs for faulty products, the costs associated with defective packaging or financial losses if your faulty goods give rise to costs for dismantling or exchange. Cyber risks present a digital threat to companies. By taking out Helvetia's Public and professional liability insurance, companies are placing the responsibility in professional hands and minimizing the risk of having to foot the bill themselves for damages suffered.

A brief guide to public and professional liability

Which things are covered in the event of a claim?

Essentially, Public and professional liability insurance pays compensation claims by third parties and contests unjustified claims. Therefore, as well as bodily injury and property damage, Public and professional liability insurance also covers the resulting financial losses. Among other things, it covers damage: 

  • to buildings, land and facilities owned or used by you
  • resulting from business functions and workflows
  • resulting from the manufacture and supply of products, work carried out and services rendered
  • to the environment

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Which other products complement Public and professional liability insurance?

It is wise to supplement the Public and professional liability insurance with other types of insurance which are combined in the business insurance package for SMEs:

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